Collagen Bed

Anti-Ageing Collagen Bed

Natural * Non-invasive * Gentle

Red-Light Photo-therapy for the face and body!

The ultimate in a natural skin rejuvenation treatment.

This a gradual long term plan for the improvement of your skin. It takes time for for the structure of the skin to change and over time these are some of the improvements that may occur... 


  • skin appears plumper and more elastic
  • fine lines will be diminished
  • skin tone will even out and improve
  • swelling and dark under eye circles will reduce
  • age spots, broken capillaries and acne will reduce in severity
  • cuts and scars will heal & fade
  • joints and deep muscles will be more relaxed


Best results are achieved by having 2-3 sessions for 10 -12 weeks then results can be maintained with 1-2 sessions every 1-2 weeks.



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