Spray Tanning

Spray Tanning

VuTan - This is a lovely tan and we have a very loyal clientele who just love the colour this gives them!

Spray tanning is the safe and easy way to instantly tan your skin.

Full body or half body options available.

We have SEVERAL formulations so we can tailor the tan to your 



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6 hr VuTan Original (medium and dark)

Gives a flawless golden brown colour (with green undertones so you don't look orange!!).

If you have a fair to beige skin tone then choose medium or if you are beige to olive toned or want a darker tan choose the dark.

2 hr Vu2Tan Original (medium and dark)

Perfect for tanners looking for a quick spray tan fix without compromising on quality. Ready to wash off in 2-4 hours; the beautiful bronzed tan develops over the next 24 hours.


See below for tips on how to achieve the best long lasting tan.



- achieving the best results


For best results shower and gently exfoliate the day before, do not apply any moisturiser, make-up or deodorant.


What to wear

When being sprayed you can wear as much or as little as you wish.

Loose clothing is recommended to be worn after being sprayed until showering. For ladies we also recommend not wearing a bra between being spray tanned and showering as they can rub the tan off.

We now have available Tanning Dresses for purchase - especially designed for wearing after your spray tan.


After tan

It is recommended to shower 5-7 hours after VuTan Original or 2-4 hours after application with Vu2Tan Original.

For a longer lasting tan, always use a mild & moisturising body wash for showering.

Avoid any activities that may result in perspiration before your first shower.

Use a good moisturiser daily to nourish & moisturise the skin.

Extending your tan

Moisturising daily with a good quality Tan Extender will extend the life of your tan and help your tan fade evenly.

Avoid over-exfoliating as not only does this shorten the duration of your spray-tan, it may also cause it to become patchy.


Whilst VuTan gives a natural looking tan, NO PROTECTION from the suns harmful UV rays is offered. 

Use of sun protection is recommended.

Please note

Entering a spa or swimming in chlorinated water will reduce the life of your tan.

Hair removal is best performed at least 24 hours before getting sprayed.



Frequently asked questions

Do you apply VuTan to the face?
      Yes, but it is an individual choice.

How long will my tan last?
    Depending on your skin type, pre-tan preparation and after tan care, a tan will last 5-7 days on fair skin and 10-12 days on olive skin.