Well-groomed and maintained hands and nails are an important part of a beautiful appearance; we offer a variety of options for you to choose from.




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Polish Only
Nail polish applied (base coat, 2 colour coats and top coat).
Cut n File Only 
Nails are trimmed and then filed smooth.
Express Manicure 

We will cut and file nails to shape, tidy the cuticles, buff or polish, and  then finish with a nourishing hand cream & cuticle oil. This is also great for men.
Full Manicure 
Hands are soaked, nails are cut and filed to shape, cuticles tidied, then a relaxing hand & arm massage; all finished off with your nails buffed or polished.



Polish Only
10-15 mins

For those that struggle to apply polish neatly - let us do it for you! Please come in with nails clean, tidy and any polish removed.
Cut n File 

10 - 15 mins
Having trouble reaching those toes?? Then we can trim and file them for you. 
Please come in with nails clean and polish removed. 
Express Pedicure

25 - 30 mins
For those that want great looking toes - we take care of it all... nails are trimmed and filed, cuticles are tidied, a refreshing foot cream is applied and you can choose a polish or for a natural look we can buff and shine the nails.
Feet Treat Pedicure

40-45 mins

For those short on time or on a budget this is a lovely treat for the feet.

Everything as per an express pedicure PLUS we can file away hard skin on the feet* and you can chill out as the foot cream is massaged in.

(*Nb excessive hard skin will only be minimized with this treatment - add on a callus peel for a better result) 

Luxury Spa Pedicure
70- 75 mins

The ultimate experience for your feet!

All of above, but you start with feet soaked in a refreshing foot spa, they are gently scrubbed and rinsed before proceeding.  A nourishing or refreshing mask is applied. Then even more time is allowed for a longer indulgent massage - ahhh pure bliss!!

Gel Polish

Quite often referred to as a 'Shellac Manicure'. Thin and flexible, looks natural and provides a strong finish that resists dullness and chipping for up to 14 days. It is instantly dry.

Gel-polish manicures and pedicures include an express treatment to ensure the best finish for the gel.

Nb. competitors nails are extra for removal/re-dos.


Nail Add Ons

  • French Finish 
  • Nail Art (simple designs to detailed) 
  • Natural Nail Repair - We use a silk wrap to repair the natural nail
  • Callus Treatment - this is a treatment to remove hard skin build up on the feet - best added to the Luxury Spa Pedicure as it helps if the feet have been soaked and softened first.